How do I rotate layer/level?

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  • I'm sorry that this is such a ridiculous question. Maybe my brain isn't working today. I've looked over this forum and found references to rotating layers and levels, but always in the context of doing something more complex and clever. I've even found reference to the competition this year that seemed to suggest it was as easy as their being a 'rotate layer/level' option in the events window. I can't find this option! I've been faffing about with 'Set layer angle' but getting nowhere.

    Is it because I only have the free version at the minute? Is it as simple as 'rotate layer'/'rotate level' being a glaringly obvious option in the full version?

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  • Focksbot, I am not familiar with the current free version, but you would add this action under a condition, like System -> Every tick.

    Then Add action: System -> Set layer angle or Set layout angle.

    Increase the angle by some amount every tick.

  • Thanks, Wastrel. Ah, yes, I was thinking along those lines. Let's stick with layer angle for the moment, for simplicity.

    I wanted to get it so the player could rotate the level by pressing left or right. So I set it so that every tick, plus left is held down, the layer angle = current layer angle - 1.

    Unfortinately this didn't seem to work - it would only adjust the angle by 1 degree, not keep adjusting it by 1 degree every tick if left was held down.

    So still stumped!

  • That's awesome, Wastrel - thanks!

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