How do I rotate the cone of view to my mouse

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  • Hey,

    I have a litte problem, I want my player to look into the direction of the mouse (which works fine) but when ich dont move the mouse while walking to the right

    the cone of view points towards my walking direction while the player still faces my mouse... how can I set the cone of views angle?

    (I am setting the rotation of the player every tick to position of the mouse)

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  • If I understand correctly the cone of view is relative to the objects angle, so that should be no problem if the behaviour is on the player object..

  • Well I thought that too, but I have monsters only appear if they are in line of sight, but they only appear if I walk towards them, and disappear if I move aways from them while my player is looking towards the monster and the mouse pointing on it

  • Attach your capx to your post, it will make it easier for us to investigate the current issue with exactly how you've set up your project so far.

  • Okay I am not sure why but for some reason it works now...

    I used a workaround and now implemented the solution with LOS again and it worked...

    could it be because of the imagepoints on the player?

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