How do I rotate a car/bike in a sidescroller..

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  • Hey guys

    I've been playin' around with C2 for a while now and I really like it and now I've come to the part where i actually is going to make a full game, with release and everything.

    So i started on building a simple car/bike game, 2d sidescroller, nothing fancy, just to get the grasp from planning, designing and executing the whole process - and so far so good.


    ... I just cant make the bike/Car lean backwards/Forward in a nice good looking way - and this really bugs me - because with C2 it?s most likely quite easy to pull off. I tested a few different ways force forces, impulses, set angle and everything but it just looks like ... well ... crap.

    So how do I make my object rotate clockwise or anticlockwise in a nice slow way (or accelerated up to a point and then constant)?

    I've played around with;, I've played around with the behaviour for car 2d (dont recall the name atm) and I've read the manual and over and over again but I just can't pull this one off!

    So too summerize


    w - speed up

    s - brake

    a - lean backwards (backflip)

    d - lean forward (Frontflip)

    How do I create pull of keybord a and d.

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  • ... really, no one? This can�t be a hard problem...

  • Any demo to see your work?


    Tienes alguna demo para poder ver tu trabajo?

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