How do i make a rope swing mechanic ?

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  • I have been looking at the forums trying to find help on how to build a rope swinging mechanic that can enable my character to swing from point A - point B. Anyone know how to do this ???

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  • zenqwert99 »This was posted just the other day...but there are other examples if you look around in the tutorials and forums

  • zenqwert99 »This was posted just the other day...but there are other examples if you look around in the tutorials and forums

    Hey thanks man !

  • Yeah its a pretty cool effort..Much Kudos and thanks to Savvy001 for posting his example capx ..its one of the best rope swing/grappling hooks demos Ive seen ..You should be able to modify it for anything you need..

    If you are after a more Physics rope ..with segments..i know there is a few capx examples somewhere on the forums..but i cant think where right now..if i can ill dig up some of the copies I have of other peoples demos...

    all great examples of physics rope swings..

    but yeah you could try searching the forums in the "how do I" section i know there are Physics swing example capx's out there...

    Also check out the "rope" example in the Construct 2 load screen examples im sure it might help

  • I tried finding them in the forums but i cant really find them. For now i am using Sine and Pin to illustrate the swinging mechanic. Still trying to figure out how to make a physics one thou. Thanks anw !

  • Just try search, and you should find something, I did.

    Here's a link to the talented R0j0hound example that uses physics and links.

  • "Rope Swinging" has been asked a number of times... lol.

    This is what i have in my archive, but there are tons more hidden in forums.

  • i had the same problems but i came up with a solution of my own it works fairly well. hope it helps someone.

    this is the code:


    here is the pics of it working:


    I used the physics characteristic on the orange bar that attaches to the character, and the blue square that that holds the orange bar in place.

    here are there behaviors:


    there are still some graphical kinks to work out like position and animation, but it does the trick technically.

  • Love the spider web. It has given me an idea for yet another game. To many Ideas floating in my head. Really need to start creating games and not playing with the samples. Take care and Enjoy.

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