How do I rolly bird game ?

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  • hi,

    i'm trying these last 3 days to recreate the mechanics of a game like Rolly bird but i'm having trouble ... creating pipes and other problems

    it sound like easy in the video i posted but its really hard for me

    or maybe my logic is not logic

    any help please ?

    thanks for help

  • I gather by the video that touching the bottoms of the pipe or fitting is what kills the bird, ending the game, and causing the totally annoying advert to pop-up.

    The pipes are pretty basic and can easily be made using the internal editor, do they ever move or are they always static?

    The bird can be a sprite with a rolling animation or a sprite with rotation added via event.

    The kill areas can be invisible sprites (much easier if the pipes don't move, even then they could be pinned)

    I would use the platformer behavior as well to have access to premade jump and other behaviors.

    I will look at it and see if I can throw together a quick dirty .capx

  • OK I threw together a very basic example .capx file. It is VERY basic but maybe it will help get you started thinking around the problem.

    The example uses the mouse and keyboard as the input but you can very easily make it touch by adding the touch object and changing it to "on tap".

    You could also play around with the "set jump strength" action from the platform behavior and cause it to jump higher on long taps and lower on quick taps if you wanted but for such a simple game I would stick to setting the jump strength once and then using level design to control difficulty.

    P.S. You will definitely want a prettier bird than mine.

    [File removed, better more complete version lower in thread]

  • yes but the problem is than the pipes are moving down on every jump after the first pipes

    the problem is creating pipes and how they move

  • Ok, I tweaked the .capx a little so it should now do what I think your looking for.

    "Scroll to" would seem like the best behavior option to do what you wanted but it doesn't have any option built in to allow you to only scroll vertical, so I did some searching in these here forums and found a nice event by Shimo that did the trick. The second problem is Wrap to Layout behavior to bring bird back in from opposite side didn't work right, had too much delay and using the Wrap to Screen option made the bird warp to other levels. I solved this by using spawner/destroyer objects.

    Its not the cleanest it could be and I am sure there are a dozen other/better ways to do it, however the key is to just get in there and make it do what you want in the way you know how and learn new tricks as you go.

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    (me too i have wrap behavior problem)

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