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  • Allright let�s start with some screendesign basics.. I just started to experiment a bit befor I�m working on the game screendesign.. Also got some some sprites to make a rollover effect but when I �m going outside the button/sprite the cursor still showed up then hand .. So my question is how do I make a rollover effect ??

    Thanks a lot ,

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  • It's pretty simple.

    1. Add the mouse object and the sprite you want to use as a button.

    2. In the event editor add two events:

    +System | Every Tick

    --Sprite | Set Size to (32,32)

    +Mouse | Cursor is over Sprite

    --Sprite | Set Size to (50,50)

    The first event is for when the mouse is not over the sprite and the second is for when it is. You can do whatever effect you want for the rollover but as an example I just used size.

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  • Great I try it out thanks a lot

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