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  • I'm interested in making a roguelike in C2. I already did quite a lot of work on 001 engine, with a fully functional procedural dungeon generator and a partially finished custom AI. For C2, I found an example of an isometric map generated at runtime using a sprite object as a tile. I was thinking of using this method, but I don't want to overlook any advantages gained by using the 'tiled background' object. Trouble is after reading the manual entry for 'tile background', I'm no closer to understanding how it produces a background from a single tile image. I tried making one, but it just sits there as a single tile. Someone please help me understand this object.

  • Tiled background will simply take a single tile and repeat it. Not exactly what you're looking for.

    My suggestion would be using the method you described first. It's what I'm doing with my roguelike/TD hybrid and it works pretty good.

  • Ok, I'm changing the question a little. I got it to tile this time. Not sure what I was doing wrong the first few times. Anyways, my roguelike will require changing the image displayed by individual tiles, as well as holding some variables. Will tiled backgrounds work for this, or should I just go with sprites?

  • Thanks, theubie. Have you tried exporting your project to android? Is it complex? If so, hows the framerate? I ran into trouble in 001 and with no way to build for android (yet), I couldn't really test it out when I started becoming concerned about framerate during AI development.

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  • I have not exported for Android for that particular project yet. You probably won't run into a serious framerate problem from the map sprites as long as you keep them uniform sizes and don't overlap on accident (overdraw will kill your framerate)

  • Great, you're awesome, and thank you.

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