How do I make a rogue map generator like binding of isaac

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  • Hello i'm been thinking about this great roguelike game idea, but there is a problem i'm not sure where to start on how the map is going to be generated. I'm looking to make the map generation similar to the binding of isaac where each room with the enemies, obstacles, chests are already made but when you start the game it randomizes the floor layout. I made a little thing in paint to explain it in detail so you can understand since i'm not the best at explaining things.

    This is the same way the binding of isaac works just not as complex.

    If you can help me out that would be great

    *edit Both images are supposed to be together but the post cut them in half for some reason so just not the "yup2" is supposed to be on the right of "yup"

  • ... node-based

    hey ethans9999 start by reading this you can also check the plugins forum for making things easier on your project

  • Yeah try the 'roguelike' 3rd party plugin to generate a map.

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  • Hi !

    I'm pretty interested by this topic and I prefer post here instead of recreate a similar one.

    I searched a lot on the site how to get this kind of stuff. In the end , There are many ways to make a " Rogue -like" in one Instance randomly generated, but never in the way " Binding of Isaac " . What we want to create is a series of instanced rooms connected to each other . What most tutorials or aids therefore propose a map with several rooms , but what we try to do is rather more maps interconnected. Because the maps themselves are not random, but that's how they are connected , which is random.

    You have to think each map as an individual at which we can get out without accomplishes certain goals and in which the stuff is kept, the life, ect...

    And I don't know if the node-based dungeon generator can do this.

    Sorry for my bad english, I tried my best for being understandable here. I hope it is. And I hope it's what Ethans9999 wanted too.

  • Here's an idea for how you could do it Binding of Isaac-style.

    Make an array called 'Map', with width and length set to the maximum width and length of your total dungeon (let's say 9,9). Set the value in the middle (4,4) to "A" - this represents the starting room of your dungeon.

    Say "A" always has exits up, left, right and down. You then need to make a bunch of other rooms whose door configurations are represented by letters of the alphabet - "B" could be exits up and left, but not down and right, for example. You can have multiple different rooms with the same exit configuration, so you can name these "B1", "B2", etc.

    Then the tricky-ish bit. For your map array, you want to do something like:

    For Each XY Element

    &Value at CurX, CurY = A

    Set value at CurX+1, CurY to choose("B","C","D")&choose"1","2","3"

    (where B, C and D are room configurations which all have exits to the left, and you have 3 different layouts for each).

    Carry on doing that for the other exits for room A, then carry on for the other rooms. Finally, you should end up with an array that contains all the information you need to auto-generate a dungeon.

    Hope that makes sense! I might not have explained it too well - if you like I can put an example .capx together showing the basic idea.

  • An even easier way would be to just have the dungeon generate in real-time.

    When player exits left, send them at random to any layout (room) that has the corresponding door. Record this room and the previous room on a map array, so when they return through the same door, they'll go back to the expected place.

    One problem with this method though is that you wouldn't be able to have 'reveal the map' pickups and the like, since the dungeon isn't pre-generated.

    EDIT - Actually, thinking about it, this method sucks. Forget this method.

  • i also want to make a random room system...

    I think use a array,and set the room size,door poz,to array,but some time the room will be overlap,

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