How do I make a ROF? (Rate of fire)

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  • I want my character is two type of shot:

    -a first where the player can stay press the mouse and the shots are automatic.

    -and a second or the player to a cooldown and can not spam the shots.

    -But the second shot can shoot faster if you spam.

    I have already designed this second shot with a cooldown, but I can not create the first shot that impacts it on the second (for example the two shots are done at the same time)

    Thank you for helping me do the 2nd shot. Thank you

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  • Use a Timer behavior on your player object. The [X] is an inverted condition - so the events only run if the "Cooldown" timer is NOT running.

    + Mouse: On Left button Clicked
    + Player: [X] Is Timer "Cooldown" running
    -> Player: Spawn Bullet on layer 0 (image point 0)
    -> Player: Start Timer "Cooldown" for 0.3 (Once)
    + Mouse: Left button is down
    + Player: [X] Is Timer "Cooldown" running
    + System: Every 1.0 seconds
    -> Player: Spawn Bullet on layer 0 (image point 0)
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