Is this the right way to do IAP - In App Purchases?

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  • Ok perhaps someone has set this up before? I am trying to narrow down the reasons why this IAP process is not working on Apples store!!

    This is a test app which is running on iOS but as you can see from the error message, the purchase part is not.

    Are the events correct? I Get a store is available, but no store listing is returned, I don't get a succeed or fail message, just the error you can see when I click to buy.

  • Can anyone help with this? I can't even get a store listing 'success' or 'failed' situation returned.

  • There is no right way. You users will hate you no matter how you implement it.

    Jokes aside, I think you need to look at the URL you are using for the product. It does not seem to have anything defining the protocol. (HTTPS, HTTP, FTP...)

    Try adding http:// to the front of the URL

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  • Not if the games designed properly they wont

    There is no URL if you are talking about the error message, thats from Apple and doesnt relate to any URL

    If you are talking about the product id then its exactly that and not a URL, it's defined in iTunes connect.

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