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  • The beauty of multiplayer construct 2 is that to start playing the first player has to play. Everyone else will connect.

    But how to figure out which computer or server can hold up a game and how to figure out how many users can connect simultaneously to the same game?

    Not to mention the Internet data traffic. How to figure out which internet connection is needed to allow all players to connect to the game?

    In a couple of months I will put the game in a matter of the proposed Internet site Kickstarter to see if I find the shareholders concerned ....

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  • wouldnt it be best to just allow public hosting and private hosting manually as in having kongreate to host the server for the game. Rather then automatic to one computer to be host?

    I remember being about to privately host game in some situation with my friend in uturned but I wasnt sure how that was applied

  • I thank you for the answer. However, I put aside a few thousand dollars, and I think I can rent for at least a couple of years a dedicated server. What I'd need to know and how to calculate the amount of internet traffic need to allow at least 100 users to connect to my game, simultaneously and without Lagging. You should first finish the game and do testing with real people or there is a mathematical equation to calculate it ?.

    My concern is that the dedicated server may not be enough and require Internet bandwidth or superior hardware technology.

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