How do I get rid of the game freezing when changing layouts

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  • Hi,

    I hope this wasn't posted before. Google didn't find me anything useful, at least.

    My problem is that construct freezes for a couple of seconds when I am clicking the play button in my main menu and then change to the first level of the game. (I'm using 'go to layout')

    The level consists out of ca. 55 objects (sprites, tiled backgrounds, texts), some of the sprites have animations. I'm running r190.

    Is there any way to remove that freeze? I tried putting every object into my main menu layout, hoping that construct would then cache them and the 'go to layout' wouldn't freeze any more. But no luck so far.

    I also tried to show a spinning cirlce, but since the game is really freezing, the circle also freezes. :/

    Any ideas on that?

    Is there something like 'switch to layout when layout is loaded'?



  • Push

  • There's really no way to know without seeing a capx

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  • You got a point there. But unfortunately I'm not allowed to publish the capx.

    I'm afraid that one can't change anything about it anyway..

    The more objects that have to be loaded, when changing a layout, the longer the engine freezes. I guess it's just how it is.

  • put an image on the screen before go to another layout

    such loading image

    when press button - image set visible - wait 1s - go to layout2

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