How do I Get Rid Of Blank White Screen After Android Export?

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  • I just tried to export my game to Android. It opens fine, although pretty small, when I open the game in the phones browser, but after exporting and going through all the Intel XDK stuff, I installed and ran the game and all I get is a white screen. No graphics, sound, nothing. What does that mean?

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  • Wait, new question. Even when I view it in the browser, everything works, but I get these random spaces of white toward the bottom of my game. It only shows up on the PHONE browser, when I run the game and even export the game to HMTL5 and run it in a computer browser the white space isn't there. Anyone know what causes white space to randomly appear?

  • does anyone know if resolution would cause that?

  • I don't understand it. Works fine on PCs and laptops, but the minute I put it on mobile devices, SOMETHING goes wrong. On one phone, it lagged too much to be playable. On my Sony Xperia Z1, I get the white space issue. And now on an Acer Iconia tablet, everything works but NO SOUND. Honestly I'm about to just say screw mobile games.

  • Hey, guess its about scaling.

    Have you tried setting your games "Fullscreen in browser"-setting to Scale Outer or Inner?

    Have a look in the tutorial section about supporting multiple screen sizes.

    Also if it lags, you may have a look at memory management on mobile devices. Some stuff is just too heavy for mobiles

  • Also setting your game to a 16:9 ratio resolution might help, I had the same problem the other day and changing my layout size to a 16:9 ratio worked a treat.

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