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  • Hi all,

    I've been banging my head against a wall for the last few days trying to get down the core mechanics of a standard rhythm game.

    Gotta admit I'm struggling to find something which works reliable and accurately.

    My first though was to use rex_JSMidiParser ( plugin-rex-jsmidiparser_t128345 ) to play a midi file alongside audio.

    This initially seems to work, but the midi and the audio gradually fall out of sync over time. (Example Capx: dropbox.com/s/ocjwbq4djavhg26/RhythmTest.capx?dl=0 )

    Thinking I might be going about this completely the wrong way, I've tried other suggestions on the forums,

    ( how-do-i-find-the-right-time-for-rhythm-games_t101187

    great-breakdown-of-how-to-make-a-rhythm-game-sync_t76386 )

    but I've yet to have any luck getting something which functions correctly, (not sure where I'm going wrong.)

    Does anyone have any advice or ideas on any of the above?

    Any advice on accurate timing / audio/bpm syncing for rhythm games would be super appreciated!


  • Break the songs into smaller wav segments.

    If the timing goes off, it will be fixed with the next loop in the series.

    In fact it would be better to break every part down to its constituent loop.

    Beats, melody, fills etc.

    But that's just general advice.

  • newt

    Yeah, that seems like it would help somewhat.

    But it seems like that would be patching up the problem rather than fixing the core issue.

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  • Unfortunately you can't expect it to get better than a 10 ms offset.

    It's just not made for precision timing.

  • newt

    OK, thanks.

    Does anyone else have any thoughts or advice on creating rhythm games?

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