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  • Hi Guys, I have a colouring game that at the moment has a thin strip to select the colours and I'm wanting to increase the colours used in the game and have a deeper block shape rather than the strip.

    at the moment I'm using code (canvas)

    Touch > Ontouched colourstrip > system > colourstrip.rgbaAt(Touch.X - colourstrip.X,5)

    but that will only let me sample from the very top of the new block shape, does anyone know a way of being able to sample from the whole block shape area?


  • 5 is the Y-coordinate on the canvas in your expression.

    If you need to get the color from clicked position, use colourstrip.rgbaAt(Touch.X - colourstrip.X, Touch.Y - colourstrip.Y)

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  • Your a star!! That works fine, thank you. I have spent ages trying to fathom it out. I've looked at other capx files (they do it a different way) and googled etc. I was aware what the 5 was from changing the number and testing it.

    Thank you again, thats really helped me out :) - cheers Dave

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