Rex_text_typing problem.

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  • So I wanted to use this behaviour for a nice typewriter effect for my text in the game. However it only seems to print the first letter of the text and then nothing more when I have it under the event I want it under.

    If I just put the event under the On start of layout event it all works. Not sure why this is.

    Here's what my events look like:

    <img src="" border="0" />

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  • That's because of how events work.

    Every tick/frame of execution that the event's conditions are true its actions will be executed.

    So in that case, as long as PlayerCo... is overlapping TutorialSign, the text stuff is initialising, seemingly writing only one letter.

    As far as typewriting effect goes you also have an example available in the "How do I FAQ" (link in my signature) that works without external plugins, only with the "basics" of C2.

  • Even if I remove the Overlapping-event it will still only print the first letter. Must be something wrong with this behaviour and plugin then I suppose.

    I was looking at using the basic triggering of C2 to get the typewriter effect but it would need extra triggering and objects so it did'nt seem like a very viable solution.

    Having to have extra textboxes containg the text you want to type into another textbox is just tedious and will lead to extra clutter.

    I suppose I'll just have to wait until C2 supports this behaviour or find another way to display my text.

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