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  • Hi All,,

    I love the work of Rex and have been learning from hiscode and objects to create my first boardgame.

    What I wanted to know if the movement plugin allows for diagonal movement options?

    Also does it allow you to restrict highlight only the final square (destination).

    So for example if you can move 4 spaces that you can only click on the 4th square not all the squares on the path to the destination if that makes sense.

    Basically I think if I have both those functionalists interchangeable it would be amazing.

    Thanks to everyone in advance.


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  • I'm sure rexrainbow can probably help you there. Just including him in the discussion.

  • Shame I was about to post the exact same question on this board, but thought i'd search first... did you ever get anywhere with this?

    I'm making a chess game, which seems to be what Rex is building a lot of his board and movement plugins around, but can't see to perform diagonal moves?

    Would be great if somebody had an answer to this.

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