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  • Hey,

    I have a ball with physics on it, and I'm trying to attach a "tail" to it using revolute joint. The problem is that after I attach it, it kinda breaks the physic movement on the ball itself, when I try to throw it around.

    Is there a way to use revolute joint without affecting the physics on the object I pin it to?

    I tried using the Pin behaviour with the rope style and it kinda works, but it would look a lot better if there was a way I could use it as a revolute joint.

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  • if you attach a rope to a ball in real life, the ball will react differently, and because physics tries to imitate real life it will take this into account. I guess you could try changing the physics setting for the tail, density, friction etcetera, to get the effect that least disturbs you, but I think the tail will always affect the physics if it has physics behaviour.

  • LittleStain

    Thanks for the reply, I tried changing values around but still drags the ball down most of the time.. Decided to give up and use the pin behavior anyway, I "faked" the physics on it by setting the angle to "angle(ball.x,bally,tail.x,tail.y) + 180", then setting it back down whenever the ball is stopped.

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