How do I revert a project to an earlier C2 build?

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  • I really, really need to convert my project back to a version, but I don't know how. I'm not using anything different from the two, school computers only allow an older version.

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  • I don't think you're able to.

    Each new version has updates the older versions do not. Even if you're not using them in your layout or event sheet(s), the C2 code is embedded in the blank layout(s) & event sheet(s).

    At least that's the way I see it.

  • I recall reading an article on how to change the versions, and it involved opening in a word document, but when I do that I just get characters that aren't readable. Surely there's a way, considering there's Beta versions for Construct? What if there's a bug, there has to be a way to convert back

  • If you'd like (can), upload your project to dropbox where i can download it and i'll have a go at it. Just tell me what version you'd like to revert to.

  • Be warned this can induce errors if your project is using newer features not supported by the older version of C2. That being said:

    1. Go to the project file. If it's a .caporj file, skip step 2.

    2. If it's a capx, unzip it (capx are just zip files basically).

    3. Now, open the caproj file in a plain text editor (I recommend notepad++, get it here).

    4. Look for the following string, minus quotes: "<saved-with-version>". It's only a few lines down from the top.

    5. You'll see this tag has a 5 digit number; it's the c2 version padded with 2 zeros (so, r184 will look like 18400). Change the first 3 digits to match version you want to revert to.

    6. Save File. If you want to go back to a capx, don't re-zip it; just open the project in C2 and resave as a new capx. DON'T SAVE OVER YOUR OLD FILES WHEN DOING ANY OF THIS.

    7. ???

    8. Profit!

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