How do I revert an exported project back to capx

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  • I have my project exported and saved on the web for testing ect. The capx and main project file I was working with in C2 on my computer is lost being that my hard drive crashed. Is there a way to take the exported files and have the project open back up in C2 so that I can continue to work on the project without having to start all over again?

  • It cannot be done. Sadly, this is a costly lesson in backups for you. I learned that lesson years ago too.

  • Depending on how your hard drive crashed it may still be possible to get your files off of it.

    A common one is some key files of the operating system get corrupted or even a key part of the the filesystem structure gets corrupted. In some cases it's possible to fix and the computer can be used as normal, but even in the cases it's not, the remainder of the files are intact. Usually you get to them by booting into a livecd os and inspecting the harddrive. Even if you can't browse the file system you can have it scan the entire harddrive and find files that way.

    The main thing to note is the failure probably only corrupted a tiny portion of the hard drive. Even in cases where I couldn't fix it, I was able to extract all the files I needed and was able to re-format the harddrive and re-use it without issue. Any computer tech guy worth his salt should be able to do any of this.

    In very rare cases you can get a mechanical hard drive failure, which is basically unrecoverable. My sister had an external hard drive that overheated under a blanket and stopped working. That said if you really really want to get those files there are companies that can still get the files off of it if you're willing to pay.

  • What R0J0 said, plus it might be a good time to click the link in my signature and start storing your capx files and other important work there...


  • +1 for online backups.

    Recovery wasn't even an option for me... laptop got stolen ><

  • Txchaser - You can use TESTDISK (Ubuntu) and recover your files from your broken harddrive even if it is a mechanical or logical error. Mine was a severe mechanical damage since it was a year old harddisk but I managed to recover 92 % of my files (Some of my game backups, PC fixing tips & hacks and serial numbers were permanently lost as part of the 8%) . My 500gb worth of data were restored in about 3 days on a netbook booted with ubuntu. But if it is a logical error then I am certain it will take no time at all (about an hour).

    If you are trying to restore your single .capx then it will just take a sec. You should try it and it works like a charm but you need to know a little about linux.

    (Your Harddrive files and folders will look just like it when you restore it from testdisk). Harddrives with logical errors don't actually need testdisk to recover files since they can use the ubuntu system file manager instead. But testdisk in some cases can fix your harddrive logical error.

    Good luck.

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  • You just learned the hard way why we recommend daily backups to a Dropbox folder (or Google Drive, or OneDrive, or any other equivalent service).

    If you had done that, you would have at most a 1 day old project in your Dropbox folder which you can simply download to another machine.

    I know this isn't helpful now, but you really, really should learn to do that for any digital work, otherwise you're liable to have this happen again.

  • I always keep my project files on dropbox folder. Good for backup and revision history. Just in case... when I'm doing any major changes to the game, I save a new capx, and store the last one somewhere safe in case i need to go back to the previous version if I messed up.

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