How do I make a reverse/inward particle effect?

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  • I'm wondering if this is possible. Is there a way to make the particles of a particle effect go inward to the point instead of spraying outwards? This would create a "charging" or "taking in energy" effect.

    Thank you!

  • Something like that:

  • Ah, unfortunately my version of Construct 2 is too old and I only use it at college so I can't update it... I should be fine without the effect, but thanks very much for your help anyway

  • Update your version of C2!

    R200 is the latest stable release and you can also use it as free-version (some limitations).

  • Simple example:

    On Trigger (key pressed, mouse klick, whatever)

    + repeat X times (how many particles you want to have)

    = Create (Particle) on Layer(what you want) at X: random(LayoutWidth), Y: random(LayoutHeight)

    (So the particles will be created anywhere on the screen. But you can create them where you want)

    The Particles have Bullet-Movement with Speed:0, Acceleration: 500, Set Angle: No.

    For each (Particle):

    = Set Bullet Angle of Motion to angle(Self.X, Self.Y, Player.X, Player.Y)

    (so the Particles always follow the "Player-Object")

    When (Particles) overlaps (Player)

    = (Particles) destroy

    Sorry for my english

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  • Hi,

    good idea, simpler than an animation.

    Nice flares in your capx

    Sorry for my english too

  • Cherico that pretty cool. Not sure what the uses are, but cool none the less..

  • Remmy112 For what to use? Take a look at the first posting/question:

    [quote:2hfdit01]... make the particles go inward to the point instead of spraying outwards ...

    ... create a "charging" or "taking in energy" effect ...

  • Cherico I finally managed to get the updated version at my college; thank you! What you made was very helpful.

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