Return saves localstorage but touched object does not

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  • In Kyatric's capx example for Asteroid clone in less than 100 events, he has the event: Keyboard > On return pressed - then has some actions that save the players name to display with their score.

    I moved that event from the esSplash layout to the esScore layout (in my game i'd rather have the textbox on the scores layout). Everything still worked fine.

    But when i try to swap the keyboard event for a Touch > On touched object - to do the same thing as mentioned above, it does not want to save.

    I got rid of some logic that compares the text within the textbox, and with the keyboard event it still worked, but not with the Touched Object. I've spent hours looking over the logic, going back to the keyboard event, it just does not want to work with a Touched Object. Is there something i'm missing?

    Since this is going to be a mobile game, it doesn't really make sense to have the Return trigger these events/actions.

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