Results/ranking system (football/sports) - any ideas?

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  • OK, so I've been wandering is it possible to make an app in which you would simply input the names/teams, then generate the fixtures using those names, and inputing a score for both names/teams then adds to their points and other stats, which would be shown on the table... I'm currently working on a project already, and it has a lot of my current occupation, but I've tried to make at least something (and it was not so good, to be honest), and seeing that I'm stuck thinking how would I handle the variables and generating the fixtures, I thought it would take more time than needed, so I'm hoping somebody here might just get me started, giving me the basics, so I could further upgrade the app. Here's the basic rundown; (epic paint skills ahead)

    the names would be entered in the text boxes (1), could be also done on a separate screen/layout, doesn't matter, then using those names to generate the fixtures (2) between those names. Then, for example, team A beats team B with 2:1 - results go in (3), and from that each team gets some stats, for example, team A gets 3 points for winning, team B adds 2 goals to their GA (goals against) stat, etc. All of that would also be displayed on the table (4). I was also interested how do I rank/sort these teams based on highest amount of points.

    There it is, I hope it's not too difficult (I think is not, I might just be that dumb ), so anyone with some spare time could just give me a push in the right direction (an example with 4 teams would be enough). Thanks in forward!

  • anyone?

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  • That's a lot of coding to get that done. You got to use arrays, and prepare codes logic to calculate the outcomes for each step. Best thing for now for you would be to work in little bits and do each segment separately first. And plan the logic on paper first, it makes things more clear. That's as much as I can help you atm.

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