How can i get this result ?

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  • construct made very difficult to post GIF image


    I want to get similar result but failed

    i used LiteTween Behavior for scaling up and down

    I am able to do scale up. but failed to scale down.

    i have made animations in Spriter

    Entity name A and the few animations then entity name B and animation till Z. Everything imported in Construct 2

    so i want to do is

    when i play animation of "A" and when last animation of "A" finished move to be by highlighting B alphabet

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  • So when you click any letter, it should get bigger. When you click another letter, the previous letter should become small again and the new letter should become bigger, is this correct? In this case, Spriter would be a huge overkill for this task!

    It can be easily done with LiteTween:

  • by clicking letter directly. It working but i am not scaling them with clicks only

    i am scaling letters

    1) when i click letter directly or

    2) when letter's value is equals to my animations.[/img]

  • Your event #66 is executed every tick, this is wrong.

    Since you have Scale boolean variable, you can remove #66 and change event #65 to this:

    Letter LiteTween is NOT active
    Letter boolean variable Scale is true 
     ----> Letter set Scale to false
     ----> Letter LiteTween reverse from current
  • scale up is happening but scale down is not happening

  • Could you post your capx?

  • we can do screen sharing if you never mind

    i did 1 thing which worked

    i did copy and paste 63,64,65 event

    and keep mouse condition and compare condition separately which worked but now getting 1 problem

    comparing condition works only once because i added trigger once but if i remove trigger once then scaling down didn't works

    can you look via team viewer?

  • Before event 67 you need to insert "Pick all Letters".

    If this doesn't help and if you don't want to share the capx here, you can email it to me:

    doperst2006 (at)

  • dop2000

    email send

  • dop2000

    did you get mail?

  • Replied just a few minutes ago.

  • That should be easy with some events

    Let's say each letter is of same size , about 50 x 50

    Each letter has an instance variable scale which can be 0 or 1. When 0 then it should be 50 x 50, when clicked scale var changes to 1 and that letter should be 75 x 75. That is the idea.

    Execution would be something like this.

    Every tick:

    If instance var. scale = 1 and width < 75 set width. Letter.Width + 1 and width. Letter.Height + 1

    To scale down do the opposite: If instance var. scale = 0 and width > 50 set width. Letter.Width - 1 and width. Letter.Height - 1

    Now you probably only need a for each letter loop to set var. scale = 0 on all letter instances each time you click, and set it to 1 only on the clicked letter. That way on each click all letters will scale up or down depending on their instance variable changes.

    You can also add some variables to limit scaling, once it reaches 75 x 75 it stops there and on scale down stops at 50 x 50

  • Thanks BadMario

    dop2000 help me and now i have working events

    but you can help me on another thing

    my project contains more than 650 images, So obviously loading issue.

    but I am not asking to reduce it.

    I have 2 layout

    Layout 1 have all 600 images and

    Layout 2 have a custom loading screen and a play button

    when loading complete then Play button appears.

    The Problem is loading screen loads everything quickly but when i click to play button and go to layout 1 it takes loading time.

    So i am asking here, Is that possible to do all the loading from the layout 2 where i made custom loading screen. and do not load when i go to layout 1.

    Is there any Idea?

    and yes I know i have to make custom loading screen in Layout 1. then i have to to pause and resume thing which will go complicated So i will do this when i will have no other option.

  • I think the reason why your game is loading slow is because you are using 700 Spriter objects and they are all in the same container. As a result, the size of .caproj file alone is 22 Mb, I have never seen this! That's why Construct goes nuts even in design mode...

    I don't quite understand how your projects works, but I would definitely try to get rid of this huge container.

  • dop2000

    I know the reason behind slow loading. I just want this loading on startup in another layout where i make loading screen. but it loads after loading complete when is switch to layout 1

    problem is all layout loads separately, when we switch to them. Is their any way to do all layout loading at once?

    and all the 600 sprites in 1 container because i used spriter for all animations in one spriter file. there are A-Z animations and each letter contains 5-6 Animation and each of that animation contains 10-15 sprites.

    But there will no impact on performance if I do all animation separately, means Animation for each letter on different Sprite project

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