How do I restrict the Unbounded Scrolling?

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  • I have the unbounded scrolling turned on to use the scroll to behavior but there are certain parts of the layout I don't want to be able to scroll over.

    Is there a way to do this?

  • You could set an event for the object you are scrolling to so that when it reaches a certain X or Y value you disable the scroll to behavior, and of course re-enable the scroll to when it gets back in an acceptable range.

  • So say i have the scrolling set to player, i should set it so when he gets to a certain x or y disable the scrolling, then reactivate when back in acceptable values.

    I will give it a try now.

    Also is there a way to make the layout viewer window larger, like if you were designing a game which the level goes to the right, you would need to be able to see all the way to the end of the level to check and place objects, at the moment the layout viewer stops and wont go any further.

  • Nevermind about the layout viewer question im dumb i found the zoom lol

  • So, instead of disabling the scroll to behavior I ended up creating a second sprite that has its X value set to the player's X value as long as the player is in a certain range.

  • Oh wow that's awesome, never would of thought of doing it that way.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this!

  • Perhaps this will interest you too:

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  • Taking a look now.

  • Mr. or Mrs. Shirokuma:

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