How do I restrict permissions in Cocoonjs

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  • Hi

    I've created a new game and exported with cocoonjs and ludei. I'm using IAP so I have activated google store when compiling. So far so good.

    But the fact is that the app resulting is requesting permission to get phone identity and status, usb storage access, look for accounts in my device !!! I do not thing these are required and will stop a lot of downloads.

    Is there any way to restric those permissions when exporting to cooonjs or when compiling with ludei ??


  • There is a way to accomplish this

    • Decompile you APK with the APK TOOL
    • Edit the AndroidManifest.xml file and remove the unnecessary permissions
    • Build the APK again
    • Sign and align your APK

    For more info search the forum for "APK TOOL"

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  • ops, I though I had read another post saying this is not possible due to external libraries in Ludei.

    If so, I wonder what external libraries are requesting permissions to access usb storage and phone accounts ... when the game does not need to. I'd really appreaciate any expert could answer.

    I'll give a try option mentioned below this week hopefully

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