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  • Hi guys, Ive read through some posts here and it looked like the restoring IAP purchases on Cocoonjs wasnt working. Does anyone know if they fixed this and how it works?


  • Hello,

    It was a problem on the sandbox mode. We fixed it a while ago.


  • Okay thanks Ludei, I was just wondering how to implement it in my game. The actions I would need to use and how to use them properly.

  • Hello,

    There is a very small demo inside the plugin, you might find it useful: ... aster/capx

    I recommend you to use the one for r195 and higher.


  • Fantastic, thank you so much for the support! Keep up the great work y'all doing!


  • ludei I've tried every combination of events and I still cant get the restore purchases working. I looked at your exaple capx and nothing works like you have it in the CAPX. For my IAP and GooglePlay Services to work I had to add "Is In Cocoonjs" first. I dont understand why its so esoteric/rough to find out how to use your plugin properly.

    Has anyone had luck? Anyone at all? I just want to get back to what I like, making games.

    If I cant figure this out Im going to have to switch to another wrapper, whats the best alternative to cocoonjs?

  • Hello,

    I have no idea how you are testing, but the InApps are working. I have been testing them during the last week.

    Are you using iOS or Android? Are using the sandbox mode? If so, what message does your app return?

    What about the log? Does it say something remarkable?

    Are you using Canvas+? Does the console log at the launcher report any error?

    I can't help you without information.


  • ludei

    Hi, Im testing with the release version of the game thats up on google play. Yes the IAP are working, I can purchase no problem and have successfully purchased the IAP on two devices.

    The problem Im having is when a user uninstalls the app and reinstalls it the IAP goes away and prompts you to pay again. So, Im trying to RESTORE the purchases with a button under the buy button.

    Its an Android app and the product is managed (not consumable). The purchases are showing in the Ludei Dev Portal and Google Play Dev Console. The app doesnt return any messages at all when I press the restore purchases button. It does nothing, I tried to code it every way I could find online plus the way you do it in the example CAPX.

    I am using Canvas+, I dont use the launcher so I dont know.

    I have the sandbox mode enabled in C2, should I have it disabled? What log should I be checking?

    Sorry for not giving you the extra info you needed and I didnt mean to sound like a jerk. I know you guys are dealing with a lot but when you spend a whole day and a half messing with the thing you start to lose it

    Could I send you my capx to see what and if its wrong?


    P.S - I got the leaderboard working so Im not a total idiot haha

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  • Ludei

    All the info is up a post, do you know why RESTORING purchases isnt working for me? Can I send you my CAPX?


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