How do I Restore Purchases with C2 IAP object

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  • I have only one product for IAP, which is basically a premium account, so one-time purchase. I don't need to cunsume product so I decided to use native C2 IAP object.

    The problem is that when I reinstall the app I would like to set te premium account if it has been bought before.

    Now according to the manual

    [quote:pyeh913s]When On store listing success triggers, the product names and prices are available, and purchases can start being made or checked with the Has product condition.

    That's a bit confusing to me. Has product condition checks whether the non consumable product has been bought already or not. So how come Request store listing action can handle it without Restore purchases action? I think it can't. Is it a bug in the manual?

    Now what I do is runing Request store listing and Restore purchases just after. In On store listing success section I'm checking with Has product, but it gives false and I cannot restore the premium account.

    I would expect something like On restore purchases success, but there is no such condition in C2 IAP.

    Is there a way to handle that with C2 IAP? Or I need to use Phonegap IAP plugin?

    ps. And if it's not possible... then is C2 IAP useful anyhow? I mean when you cannot manage non-consumables, and it does not support consumables...

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  • Allright I've managed to fix that. Just in case someone else experience the same issue.

    1. It does not work with the official IAP plugin.

    2. It does not work with the cranberrygame Phonegap IAP plugin (that was surprising)

    3. It DOES work with the new cranberrygame Cordova IAP plugin.

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