How do I restore elements on array without closing the app

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  • Here's the scenario:

    1. After taking the quiz (which is stored on a textfile data and transfer it into array) the user will go to a scoreboard layout

    2. When the user try to retake the quiz it only shows blank or white page layout.

    3. In order to retrieve the elements of the quiz you need to close and open the app again. (which is not advisable)


    How can I restore deleted elements on array or in a textfile storage without closing and re-opening the app?


    How can I transfer the values of the quiz array (arrayQuiz) to another blank array (arrayStorage), then if I try to retake the quiz the arrayStorage transfer its element to arrayQuiz again then so on and so forth.

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  • You can use Array: Clear, then Array: JSON Load: "some json from webstorage or a server".


    Array.AsJSON to WebStorage under someKey. New Array. Array: JSON Load: from webstorage.

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