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  • Hey people, just wondering if anyone knows how to make a restaurant game [like cafe world(Facebook) or tiny chef(Apple)], it would be very helpful because i have been hoping to make a game like that for a long time <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • I don't know either of the games, but if youd be a little more precise with your questions, more ppl could help you...   <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Clarify what you are looking for.

    So instead of asking us to help make you a 'Mario game', ask us how we can help you make the character moves. How to make him jump from place to place. How to make him break bricks, and sometimes those bricks have mushrooms. How to make him die if he touches a enemy, or how to go to the next level he touches the flag pole.

  • i mean a game where if you click on a stove a menu shows up with all the types of food you can cook that take a certain amount of time ranging from 30 seconds to 48 hours to cook then you serve them on a plate and they will serve 10-10,000 people, then you gain X.P and money so you can by items and more food and stoves ect.

  • ok, and where do you need help?

  • Recipe maybe

    I can teach you how to make pancakes :D

  • Drag a picture of a kitchen on the Construct 2 window. Make a new layer, and drag a picture of an oven on to it now go to the events page and make the oven spawn pancakes... :)

  • nonononono you need eggs,... flouuur,.... milk, a little bit of butter, salt and sugar, you mix all that and you cook them on a frying pan.

    Seriously... oven... for pancakes... get real!

  • If you need to ask this, than you shouldn't be making it. Make games you understand how to, or you either know the basics. From there, you will learn what you need to make more advanced and interesting games. You WILL find problems, and its ok to come here and ask how to fix them. What you shouldn't do is come here and ask such broad questions, like the other guy who asked "how do I make a MMO". There's no answer to this that will help you

  • Also be sure to follow the beginner's guide to C2.

    It gives some basics to C2 which helps afterwards in the making of your game.

  • No pancakes ...

    We want Pizzaaa.....


  • ok i'll make both pancakes, pizza and...... PIE!!!

  • The PIE is a LIE!

  • im hungry

  • soooo... how do i make a menu show up when i click on the stove do i spawn it?

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