restart music on returning to layout

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  • Apologies if this is relatively SIMPLE puzzle, but i need help understanding this [PLEASE].

    I have 2 layouts:

    Layout 1/ button 1 > music starts playing on load

    click button 1 to navigate to layout 2

    Layout 2/ button 2 > music stops playing on load

    click button 2 to navigate to layout 1

    The MUSIC fails to start automatically.

    Any help you be appreciated. Here's my file:



  • layout1 - 
    if music "tag1" is not playing stop "tag2" play song "tag1" from start looping
    and remove everything you have from other layouts. 
    layout2  if  has different music playing.
    if music "tag2" is not playing stop all play song "tag2" from start looping
    layout3 4 5 6 etc same as layout2.
    remove any press on button play. this is on start of layout conditions. for button u only need mute sound /music /volume up down. rest should be in layout start.
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  • On Start of Layout1: Play Music "music name"

    Button1= 1

    Use a global variable to determine if music is to be played and global variables work on all layouts unless you reset global variables.

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