restart layout./go to layout. sprite appear in other layout

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  • hi everyone.

    i'm having a little problem with my game. i don't know if it is an error in my sheet of just a bug.

    when i reset the layout. (player dead for example) when it restart. enemies or object like rock ecc.... appear at random in the new layout.

    or when i go to another layout like menu. the object enemy appear at random in this layout even if i havent added it.

    so when i use reset layout. or go to layout. the object spawned during the game. are spawed at random even in other layout after the action reset or go to.

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  • Can you upload a capx

  • Do you spawn these objects randomly when you first load them?

    Are they set to be global objects in their properties?

  • hi everyone. thank for your support.

    i somehow did manage to solve this.

    when i restart the layout i destroy all object on screen. and usually works. but this time instead if i destroy the spriter object (i'm using spriter scml file) it does not destroy all the istances of the object. but when i tried to destroy the family object it worked just fine.

    thank you very much for your concern

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