How do I restart layout completely?

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  • Hello,

    I have ran in to a small problem, I am not able to reset layout completely after "Game Over". Game there is power ups dropping down in order (used animation method to do it), one of power ups flips layout upside-down. Problem is after game over all power ups continues where I left before I have dead and not starting from beginning, also if I lost while screen upside down it stays that way for next game. I have tried a lot options but still no joy: restart layout on collisions with objects, tried to set angles but nothing worked. Any ideas how to reset game layout completely, game will be for mobile. Thanks

  • Try resetting all your global variables.. Once they change they stay changed while the program runs..

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  • unfortunately there was no joy

  • ex------

    on button click--- add action as

    system -> restart layout

    system --> reset global variables ..

  • nop it doesn't work, all game does reset from beginning, only one problem is it is stays flipped if I lost in that position, I don't know how to flip it back on a new game/restart

  • I found solution to my problem with flipping issue: sprite -> outside of a layout -> system -> set layer 0 angle t 0 degrease and then go to game over "Layout"

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