Restart Layout is breaking Z Order

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  • I have 5 layers on my game, all of which are in the same order and named the same on every layout. I have a global button that when pressed system=Restart Layout

    When I press that my z-index or z-order jumps out of place/order. Any thoughts?

    Also it appears that the elements that are the most out of order all have "Physics Behavior".

  • It has nothing to do with different layouts having layers of the same name. Without seeing your capx, I would say set the order of the layers "On Start of Layout".

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  • Thanks, yeah I didn't think it had anything to do with layers having the same name but have seen layouts using different layer names cause problems so was eliminating that from the cause. I unfortunately cannot share this capx and know that makes it much harder to help. Just curious why the initial load runs them fine but the restart layout messes it up.

  • Without a capx it's nearly impossible to see, where you have issues with your events..

    Anyway possible to recreate the issue in a capx you can share?

    Probably has to do with when creating objects they are created on top of the layer..

    But could be messed up global variables as well..

  • Did you try setting the layers order "on start of layout"? Should force it when you restart layout.

  • I was able to finally find a fix to this. It was because I had a few elements that were Global elements and for whatever reason even though they load initially on the right order, if I pressed reset the global and non global elements loaded in different orders than the original.

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