Restart the game using space bar?

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  • It largely depends upon how your game is programmed, global variables and global objects being the big important bits. You need to make sure to reset those before you go back to your first layout.

    It also depends on what you want to reset to in your game. Do you just want to restart the level? Do you want to go back to the title screen? Another menu? This will also affect how you go about programming a reset function.

  • Ugh, I deleted my post before I realized that someone replied. You must have replied just as I was deleting. lol.

    I think I figured it out. When adding a new event, I didn't notice that you could pick the keyboard....then you pick the key you want, which is the space bar for me.   Then in actions I found I clicked system and "restart layout" and also "reset global variables to default" since I have a score system.   

    It's weird. I try things and can't figure them out, and then just as I ask in the forum I get it figured out not long after. Next time I'll just keep trying longer and then post if I really can't figure something out.

    This game doesn't have's more or less an obstacle course. Thanks for replying.

  • lol i tought TL22 giving us an example or talking to himself? hehe ^^

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  • I mean, I know I give some pretty poor examples, but I'm not usually this lazy! <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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