How do I restart EVERYTHING including persist

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  • Hi,

    My first level is complete and I've made another layout for the 'home page'

    On the home page I have buttons that when touched will go to level 1, level 2 etc.

    I need everything on level 1 to restart from scratch when that level 1 button is pressed.

    It works fine the first time I press it, I play level 1 and when I win I go back to home page, this is perfect.

    But when I click the level 1 button again, I go to level 1 but the enemies I kill when I last played that level are gone (I have persist on them and need that to stay on them)

    I've tried using a global variable on the home page - if level1 button pressed subtract 1 from 'level1restarted'

    Then in level 1 - if 'level1restarted' equal 0 restart level (which it does but doesn't put the spirits back that I killed before)

    Basically how do I restart all the sprites back to their starting points?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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  • Once again I'm in your debt!

    Thank you

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