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  • Having trouble restarting my game after two of my sprites collide. I have tried looking through the forums and tutorials but can't find anything. Thanks.

  • Without more information, only thing I can came out with is :

    Sprite1 on collision with Sprite2 => System.restart layout

    Of course, this being literally what you said in your post, but with C2 instructions, I suspect there is more to that. Could you tell us what the problem is ?

  • I'm brand new to this so I'm sorry if I'm not clear. I have tried adding that exact event multiple times but in preview mode my sprite collides with the other and disappears making it impossible to keep playing the game.

    I'd like to have the game restart after the collision with the sprite going back to its starting position.

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  • It could be good to see your events to understand why it doesn't work, if you can post a dropbox link, or a google drive link.

    Another way could be to re-position the sprites manually, but it's hard to say why your first try didn't work without seeing it.

    EDIT : here is a capx showing the way saveStates can help you here.

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