How do I restart the angry birds style layout

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  • Hi guys,

    Here's my (well, my student's) capx: ... 0N3dnBKWTQ

    (You're supposed to throw the ball to the coach and then run to the X's.)

    I'm doing something similar to this tutorial: ... nts/page-1

    ...but I want to be able to restart the layout after going to a win or lose screen, and when I do, it doesn't react the same way. The ball drops the first time, presumably because of the physics.

    Any way of fixing this?



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  • It's because when you press the text box on the game over screen to restart, you are 'in touch' and when you navigate to the game layout you release the button that becomes 'a touch end' and sets Aiming to 0 for a brief moment. When Aiming is set to 0, it doesn't set the position of the ball to the sprite like it does when Aiming is set to 1. You'll have to rework that logic around the any touch end event and setting Aiming to 0, come up with a foolproof way of forcing that ball position to the sprite or find a way of forcing Aiming=1 at the start of the layout. To clarify, the issue is to do with Aiming being set to 0 on start of layout because you are in a touch from the game over screen, which doesn't set that ball position correctly, whereas when you start the game initially you are not in touch and Aiming=1 so it looks correct.

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