How do I respawn my player without him stuck?

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  • I have been creating a game with lives. Every time the player dies he loses one and it is game over he loses all three lives. However when I set his position to (x,y) he simply sits there and cannot move. It's like he's stuck mid air. I cannot reset layout because that resets all the variables including the lives. I tried choosing 'stop loop' once he had been placed but he still sits there mid air. FYI I have it so that when he hits the border or something that will kill him it subtracts 1 from 'health' (global variable). Then I added 'when health is equal to '2' set character x,y to (whatever it is)'.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, sorry for not knowing the fix.

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  • On death do you disable the platform behavior ?

    If so, enable it again on respawn.

    Consider posting your project capx, it makes it easier to investigate what may be going on and how to provide you with an accurate answer.

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