How do I respawn my character with full health

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  • I'm currently making a platform game but I'm having problem with my respawn.

    What I did is when the player dies .. the layout will be reset.

    It went well but the HP I still set to 0 when the layout reset.

    Oh btw I have a "MaxHealth" global variable .. if that helps

    I dunno but I'm pretty darn new to the art of making game.

    If someone can offer solution or advice pls do <3

    Thank you

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  • When you spawn the player set the variable to 100%.

    So it will look like :


    ON start of layout - --system--Set health 100

    -------------------------------system--Spawn the actual player sprite at X64 ,Y64

    make sure you poke the value before you spawn the sprite or he will be "still born",and dead on birth.

  • If you have a maxhealth variable I'd use that rather than hardcoding the number per above. That allows you to add extra health for level-ups etc.

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