How do I respawn bomb at a time I want.capx included.

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  • Hi, I'm new here. I'm roxanne and have been trying to learn construct for the last 2 months.

    My problem is this.

    I have a basic match 5 game. You match 5 same colors and earn points. once the board is full game is over.

    You can view the game here,

    The capx is here,

    I have a bomb that when you touch, click on. it destroys my set amount of random tile objects. This works fine.

    My problem is that when I use the bomb and make a new move the bomb is back at the same position. I dont want this. I would like the bomb to respawn after anything like a a set mount of Time, Score, ect. Plus I would like it to be randomly placed on the board. Any Ideas are very welcome.


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  • It appears you are using a lot of plugins, so I'm not gonna download them to run the CAPX.

    I'm guessing that all you need to do though is have the game spawn at a random(0,WindowWidth) and random(0,WindowHeight).

    Thisis an example of what I mean, and as for score, just create a variable for the sprite.

  • Couldnt get this to work emoaeded. I'm still playing with it tho.

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