How do I respawn

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  • So I made it pretty basic

    Player is outside layout: Spawner Spawn player on layer 0 at image point 1

    The problem is my player won't respawn, I've tried changing it to destroy outside layout and set health to 0 for different methods but I just can't get the character to respawn. What am I doing wrong?

    I've also noticed I can't get objects to spawn. Is there maybe something wrong with my program? Because I've never had this issue before

  • Can you post a .capx? (the file you are working on)

    Or otherwise a screenshot of your event sheet?

    I can suggest several ways to respawn but you are saying you can also not spawn objects and that makes it a different problem.

  • Wait I think I figured out the problem, I have more than one layout, I noticed my objects will spawn on the first one but not the second one so I'm assuming that's the issue with all the things I can't do. How do I make it happen on the other layout?

  • Not entirely clear... do you have multiple event sheets for the multiple layouts? In which case you can include other event sheets by right clicking the top of the event sheet and "include event sheet" to select another.

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  • I have one event sheet with 2 layouts. I have a simple menu with just the instructions then you hit a button and it takes you to the next screen but for some reason things will only affect the menu screen

    For example: If I program every second create a square on layer 1 at a random x and random y area it'll work perfectly fine on the first layout but nothing will happen on the second one

  • Ok nevermind I figured it out also I'd like to apologize for asking so many questions, I just get frustrated easily and my first instinct is to just ask for help but I learn quickly and eventually probably won't really need to ask questions anymore

  • Asking is not a problem i think.

    Glad you found the solution

  • Thank you

  • Mind me asking what you did to solve it because i am having similar problem currently using charater overlap sprite go to layout two and nuthing is working and i am scratching my head like wutttttt

    Nvm ...i mispelled the variable with a capital....i feel dumb

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