[RESOLVED] Start layout from the beginning upon entering it?

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  • [quote:14n0mat7]Hi,

    I have two layouts, a title screen and the main game screen. A 'play' button can be clicked to go from the title screen to the game screen.

    When the player loses, they have the option to go back to the title screen.

    The problem is whenever they then click the play button to go back to the main game screen, the layout sits at where it was left off. While this might be handy in some cases, I'm wondering if there is a way to make the layout start over whenever it's gone to from another layout?

    I tried messing messing around with the end of layer event, and even tried using a variable to indicate whether the layout should be reset or not, but was unsuccessful.

    Many thanks!

    Nevermind, looks like Construct 2 doesn't reset group state (activated/deactivated) when it loads layouts.

    Everything is working as expected now.


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