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  • Hey, i'm gonna need a rain effect for my project, and i was thinking if anyone here has done something similar before?

    I'm thinking of doing it with animated sprites, which i duplicate, and seperate looping sprites for when the drops hit the surface. Its a 2D sidescroller view.

    But perhaps its easier to do this with particles? Or would that be too heavy?

    *This has now been resolved. You can check out the raindrops in action here!

  • Particles will definitely weigh down the system... the looping sprites to show rain works great, the old NES game Shadow of the Ninja uses that very well in the first stage. You could get away with a particle system if you a) built it yourself, the particle system plugin is way too resource intensive to be practical for rain, and b) do a bunch of testing to find the balance between number of rain drops, and how much it slows your game. But it can be done, so I'd say making the looping frames, but try making a particle system. If the homemade PS is too hard on the system, then you've already got the sprites as a fallback :)

  • Thanks, i'll try a few things out and report back!

  • Sorry for reviving an old thread, but i forgot to report back some results.

    Here it is! Its the title screen from one of my projects. Its done purely with animations and duplicating :)

  • Beautiful art & music! I just watched the intro like four times. <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Yea those rain effects are pretty cool.

  • Thanks alot guys :)

  • That's beautiful!

  • o.o i just have a question , the rain object has (1) Raindrop or it has all the raindrops (without copying the object on the layout) ?

  • Each object consists of 4 rain drops (random really). That object has 4 sprites where each drop simply move. There is also a seperate object present, which is the animation for when rain hits the ground. This is just a "simulation" of one drop hitting the ground, which is duplicated :)

    By the way, check out the demo of this game here.!

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  • era

    Nice effect! Can you tell me how you do that? Thanks!

  • GamesDev

    Just made a quick little example of it. Check it out in the scirra arcade examples section, or just click here.!

  • era

    Thank you very much! :)

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