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  • Hello talented peoples!

    I was wondering how to make another type of transition between layout.

    This is what I have in mind:

    I tried different kind of blend mode to do that, I guess I have to make an circular object that interacting like a mask with the other layers, then change it size at the end of the layout and at the beginning of the next one.

    The problem is I'm not sure that this kind of mask is working with multiple layers and I also miserably fail to change it's size with the dt.

    Any suggestion? Thanks!!

  • In this video youtu[dot]be/3vHOpBHONPA, its clear that using a tiled background with black ( this is better than having a huge black sprite ) can then be masked using a circle sprite that has its size animated over time. Once the transition is done you can destroy both objects to save on memory.

  • or try the traditional way here :


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  • I'll be making a Capx with the LiteTween behavior and posting the Capx here when i'm done.

    EDIT: Here you go, i think this is what you were after, you'll need the LiteTween behavior to open the Capx.

    (the background is from the awesome game Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery)


  • That's exactly what I needed Wisdoms!!

    You rock!!!

    I first try to make the same thing with a function but it doesn't work the same way. I didn't know this behavior, it's seem very useful, thank! Can't wait to try it and explore it!

    I can close this topic know! Thanks again!

    (btw, Sword & Sworcery is really a great game, I'm trying to make some pixelart for my game but still don't know if the result can be as beautiful as Capy's game)

  • mardoch You're welcome!

    about Pixel-Art, it takes alot of practice and failures to get it right, don't expect a perfect from the first try or the second.. you have to learn pixel by pixel.

    also the liteween behavior is really useful you can check out Tween2Effect behavior too, so you can tween effects smoothly.

    Good luck!

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