[ Resolved ]How do I Make a Day and Time counter

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  • Hello community,

    I have integrated to my game the Rory's Night/Day Cycle.

    So i would like to make an Time and Day Counter based on the this cycle, i have not in mind the mathematics algorythm for make it work ...

    I think this cycle is based on 360° so 1 day = 360° = 24H = 360/24 = 15° = 1H ... If i have all understand if not it's a bad thing for me XD ...

    So i would make something like this :

    When hour is between 20 and 8 the night layer was at 90% opacity and then make it go like the rory's one ( 0 to 90 )

    and set a text counter with Day/Hours/Minutes.

    If someone have the solution a big thanks to him ^^.

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  • It's unclear to me what you would like to do?

    What is wrong with the cycle as it is?

  • Nothing was wrong ^^,

    This cycle work perfectly, the problem is i would to add to this Cycle a Counter ( See it in Game UID ),

    So when the Circle make a complete revolution it add 1 day to the counter and each time the circle accomplish 15° ( Based on 360° ) it add hour to the counter etc ...

    and select the hours to have Day or Night.

    I hope it's more comprehensible =s ...

  • I've found a way for make it by my own, i post it here because i think it can be usefull for poeple who have the same problem as me and want a way for make a Time Counter in game and make a Day/Night system who fall/wakeup in fade ... For the moment the Capx is in french when i have more time i will make it in English and probably create a Tutorial, this capx use LifeTween Behavior made by LunArray a big thanks to him for this Behavior ^^.

    Day/Night System based on a Time Counter.

  • Thank you very much oOScuByOo

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