[Resolved] Destroying spawned objects

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  • During the course of my game, I will have plenty of sprites being spawned on top of other sprites (ie. if you set an enemy on fire, spawn fire sprite. if an enemy detects you, spawn ! sprite). Normally when I destroy a sprite, I can use a "On Sprite1 destroyed - if sprite1 is overlapping sprite2, destroy sprite2" and it works. But what do I do if sometimes multiple instances of Sprite1 will be overlapping each other (which is always a random occurrence)?

    All of the sprites I spawn are pinned 99% of the time. Is there an event to check if an item is pinned to another object? (if I use Sprite2 is Pinned, it destroys ALL of them in the layout)

  • Pin Behavior

    When you destroy an object, check for any other objects who's PinnedUID which match the UID of the sprite being descriptor and destroy those.

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  • I'm trying to use it like this:

    On Sprite1 Destroyed

    For Each Sprite1

    Pick Sprite2 Instance with UID "Sprite2.Pin.PinUID"

    -Destroy Sprite2

    It doesn't seem to be working. What am I doing wrong?

  • On Sprite1 Destroyed

    For each Sprite2

    Compare two values: Sprite2.Pin.PinnedUID = Sprite1.UID

    -Destroy Sprite2

  • You guys are amazing - thank you!

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