How do I resolve shooting?

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  • now is all ok!!!

    but when have collision bullet on zombie... zombie change animation and at the end he destroy.. all correctly.. just a small problem..

    zombie rest "solid" instead he are destroyed... and i no want...

    actually set is 1 shoot 1 kill what i do for let bullet trepassing zombie???

    at moment every shoot go on collider vs sprite until he stop th animation

    tnk and sorry for my bad english

  • Hello,

    I don't think I fully understand what you're trying to achieve

    Do you want the bullet to be destroyed the moment he hits the zombie?

    Or do you want to let the bullet keep on his track even though he's hitting multiply zombies?

    Does your bullet have a solid behavior?

  • sorry i try to explayn best..

    when my sprite shot a bullet destroy a zombie ok??? but zombie before being destroyed do an animation... a dead animation ok??? when anination is on play... if i shoot.. my bullet go on collision whit zombie... and no whant.. because if i need 1 shot for destroy it why bullet have active a collision whit zombie?

    i hope now i speack better

  • What is your native language?

    It may be easier to understand you if you use Google Translate.

  • this is google tranlation

    when the zombie's points of life are at zero part animation that dies with the flash effect, after the animation the zombie disappears with a destroy effect, only during the animation the shots do not go beyond the zombie

  • i try now whit set collision disable but no is good zombie falling down from the plattform

  • Ok.. If I understand you correctly, the first bullet kills the zombie. Then the zombie starts playing "Dead" animation. If you shoot again, the second bullet should fly through the zombie (not collide with it). Is this correct?

    You can disable collisions after the first bullet and disable Platform behavior for the zombie.

    Or you can check if animation "Dead" is playing on bullet collision:

    Bullet on collision with Zombie:

    and Zombie animation "Dead" NOT playing (right-click and invert this condition)

    ...Bullet destroy

    ...Zombie start "Dead" animation

    ...Zombie set collisions disabled

  • sorry for answering after all this time but commitments have taken me away from the pc

    I tried your solution and I must say that it works .. only that the zombie falls from the platform even if the platform is solid

    zombie and plattform behavior have solid

  • Did you disable both collisions and Platform behavior?

    If this doesn't work, then don't disable anything and use my second solution from the comment above - ignore collision with bullet if Dead animation is already playing.

  • it is a solution ... but it does not work properly ... because now when the "dead" animation starts, the bullet goes through all the zombies even to those behind ... while it should hit those behind and not those who are " dead animation "

  • You are doing something wrong. Please share you project file (.capx)

  • i not know.. what i do for take .capx?

  • capx is your Construct 2 project.

    Save your project as a single file. Upload it to some website like, share the link here. See this post on how to post links with low reputation:

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  • ok tnk

    i foun we transfer

  • Add this condition:

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