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  • Hi, I'm new here, but I'm having fun. I completed a couple of tutorials so far and everything goes well.

    I was looking into the code from the jumper and I have been trying to set it up as 1920x1080, but I have not been able to figure it out why the actual platform is appearing in the middle (must be something very obvious). I already changed the values in Project and in the Layout.

    Another question... I keep reading about setting up a 16:9 resolution. A read on a tutorial to avoid designing for a resolution, instead design for a ratio. However, C2 does require a resolution, correct? Should I use 1920x1080, so if it is lower, the image should shrink? or should I use a lower resolution with 2x size of assets?

    Here's the jumper .capx


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  • Added the correct .capxjumper.capx

    I believe the issue is with the viewport (values are showing me that they start at 800), but I was not able to find a tutorial looking just by viewport.

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