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  • Hello, i'm using Construct 2 for some time now, but this is my first post and i'm not sure if here is the right place.

    Someone can tell me if there is a way to change the layout size with events or even code?

    And sorry for my English, not my language.

  • Mmmm...As far as I know..

    There is no support for this...

    I could be wrong though..and completely happy to be wrong...

    It would be a interesting feature

    You can Scale the layouts....but I don't think resizing is supported during run time...I could be wrong...

    If you want to have different Resolutions for Screen sizes you could always have 2 or 3 layouts set to the most common aspect ratios..

    but I get the feeling you are not after that idea..

    I am pretty sure the layout size needs to be set pre- runtime

    It probably is possible

    I notice that WIX the online webpage creator/editor can resize layouts in real it must be possible..but I dont think its been covered in C2..

    Maybe Ashley could give a better answer?

  • Hello Thanks for the reply.

    Yap, It would be a interesting feature. For eg., if i have a shop in my game with some products. Later, more products are added to the shop but there is no space to put them (lets say, i dont know the max number of product to be added and because of that i can't pre- set the max size of the layout). I could make my layout bigger and active a swipe system, making possible (and easier) to add more stuff.

    Or i could just make my levels bigger during run time if needed.

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  • Well thats why we invented Scroll arrows....:) to allow alot of stuff in a much smaller space..:)

    but yeah layouts size...mmm perhaps not...maybe its a good idea to make your layout a set LARGER size to begin with but leave it empty until you need it...I don't know...

    I have noticed in Software development..that..

    'Workarounds' often become features

    which later become common place...But I think its always better to plan ahead of time...allow for expansion..

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